Four Major Uses of the Temporary Fences

barriersWhether you need fencing for an event or for athletic facility, temporary fencing is the most versatile and cost effective form of fencing for various instances and events. The two main temporary fences include the complete plastic mesh fence or the plastic-coated metal one. The two fences are easy to build and require few tools and minimum labor. The materials used in building these fences are readily available in your nearby hardware or homebuilding supply stores. The fence is used to close a garden spot, play area or construction site. This article will tackle the various incredible uses of moveable fences.

For Crowd Control

Portable fences are used as pedestrian barriers to direct traffic flow and restrict pedestrian access at various outdoor events. They can also be used for blocking unauthorized personnel from accessing restricted zones. Concrete barriers are used alongside these fences to provide superior protection to a site compound or property. The concrete barriers are mostly preferred during sports as they keep spectators away from the field enabling players to move freely. The barriers are heavy normally weighing two tones and this makes it difficult for trespassers to be able to move them without using special equipment.


Temporary fences can be used to block access to a construction site. It does this by letting pedestrians find an alternative route. You can further hang a sign on this fence that shows that unauthorized persons are not allowed at the area. These fences can also be used to protect the passing public from being hit by falling debris and in some cases to secure an area near a building during demolition.

Makeshift Fields

If you have multiple events running at the same time, portable fences can help you separate them. These fences can also be used to make the baseball or softball fields by creating the boundaries for the field.

Tickets and Admissions

Portable fences are important when organizing an event that requires one to collect an entry fee. It will block the attendees from accessing the event so that they can get proper entrance after paying for the ticket. For effectiveness, anti climb mesh is preferred for event fencing to ensure it remains standing throughout the event.

In conclusion, it is no secret that moveable fences are loved by recreation departments and parks because they ensure things run in a smooth organized manner. All unwanted visitors including travelers, squatters, vandals or fly tippers are kept away using these fences.

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