Island Paradise Destinations – Offering the Perfect Place for a Dreamy Wedding

Paradise destinations are the perfect place to get wed and Bali offers the best wedding experience that couples would love and cherish for a lifetime. With Bali as a wedding destination, it is but proper to find wedding planners Bali  to help you with the planning, and while there are warnings on the incompetent and non-trustworthy ones, the reliable and the good ones still of dominant numbers. If you’re planning a paradise destination wedding, here’s some information to help you get on the right track.

Wedding dates

The wedding date plays an important role if you’re getting wed in a tropical island paradise. Before you set the date, take time to research on the weather. Bali for example experience monsoon rains during the months of November to February. If you think you love getting wed under the rain for some drama, you can get help from wedding planners Bali who have the experience of getting couples get outdoor wedding even during the monsoon season. They can arrange a Villa wedding for example with tent for the ceremony and reception as well. Wedding organizers Bali always come up with back-up plans if the weather isn’t permitting, and they make sure couples don’t get stressed but to enjoy the wedding. Choosing  carefully your wedding date also allows you to prepare your budget as rate of hotels, villas and other wedding venues in Bali get high Depositphotos_38452611_s-2015during the months of April to October when the weather is much better and rains are rather occasionally and shorter in duration.

Wedding venues

Most wedding planners Bali will give you four options to choose for wedding venues. The wedding venue categories are as follows: Villa wedding, Hotel/ resort, Chapel and beach weddings. Ask your wedding planner on how much you might spend for one as the price depends on the ceremony, venue, and other wedding frills. Remember there are no Bali weddings as cheap or expensive but only beautiful, unforgettable and unique.

Wedding accommodation

With a Villa wedding, couples get to stay in a luxury villa and enjoy ultimate privacy for honeymoon and even before the wedding. Hotels and resorts let you enjoy lavish and pampering services and plush honeymoon perks like free champagne, cocktails and breakfast and the use of hotel’s gym, and other function rooms exclusively for couples. Hotels and other Bali accommodations are also so close to many wedding venues Bali such as restaurants and Chapels and Bali beaches ensuring couples to skip long distance traveling for the wedding.

Bali’s a perfect place to get wed for its romantic air and feel of an island paradise. It welcomes couples to wedding-ready venue with space, style, and ambience for both indoor and outdoor wedding.


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