Trends in Landscaping in Sydney – What’s Keeping Landscapers and Garden Designers Busy?

Sydney homeowners hire landscaping designers to help them create a garden that is familiar with the local climate and plants. To keep up with the demand, landscaping in Sydney always comes up with varieties in landscaping designs and here are some of them.

Gardens for entertaining


Sydney is a city of happy and vibrant people who love entertaining. On this note, their gardens are designed with landscaping that project entertaining spirit and ambience. A popular trend on garden for entertaining is having brick-built, wood-fired oven as a garden feature, as Sydney residents can’t live without their BBQ. Backyard pergola is also a good backyard garden addition for relaxing drink during the hot summer. The use of foliage plants helps create cool and relaxing atmosphere landscaping in Sydney.

Personalized gardens

Sydney’s garden usually reflects the personality of the owner. With landscaping in Sydney, an artist homeowner can easily create an artistic garden where features are usually of an artist’s artifacts and jewels such as customized or sculptured seating, benches and garden beds. Arches and arbors are also created, and the choice of plants is either a minimalist or classic. Pathways and entrances are also a reflection of the owner’s personality such as modern or with Boho look.

Deck/rooftop gardens

Sydney residents prefer apartment living and this is why deck or rooftop gardens are keeping Sydney landscapers busy. Plants are on containers and seating are wood or with minimalist modern designs such as stools and benches. Some high-end apartments are driving Sydney landscaping to incorporate luxury fixtures such as infinity pool, spa and make use of high-end garden lighting systems. Elevated deck garden is also a trending design and tree in pot is driving rooftop garden owner crazy.

Native and organic gardens

With so much concern on environmental safety and wellness, Sydney homeowners are turning their front and back space into native or organic garden using native plants and trees. Water features like ponds are coming back as favorite garden attraction. Those who love organic produce prefer organic garden using fences and brick walls, and arbors as landscaping focal point.

Sydney is a city where people enjoy modern living and comfort. It is also a place where sunshine is abundant, which makes outdoor living as enjoyable. To enjoy most of their time in outdoor environment, Sydney homeowners create gardens and landscaping designs that truly reflect Sydney’s sun, modern and comfort lifestyle that generally makes garden designers and landscapers in Sydney very busy and happily compelling.

No doubt that a landscaped garden or yard can really be attractive. This is what most Sydney residents; desire for. So, when you need to call one. Contact

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