Renovate Roof Without Breaking the Bank

Homeowners are forced to do roof renovations due to two factors – fire and water damage. While roof painting is the cheapest roof renovation, there are still other ways to remodel and renovate roof without breaking the bank.

Renovating only the affected areas


Loose ridge ties caused by storm water can decay roof timber when left unchecked. This is a common roof issue, and renovating the whole roof is not the best idea. Replacing only the affected area is cheaper and you can ask your roof restoration contractor for a remedial work that is cheaper than changing the entire roofing. Roof painting the repaired area makes the repair work least noticeable.

Installing additional support

Long-term leakage can cause rotten timbers and weakens roofs. A remedial work like installing additional purlins and struts help improve support. This is a simple carpentry work and isn’t expensive at all. However, make sure there is reasonable access before the repair to avoid more damage and injury. Roof painting finishes off the repaired looks. It is also recommended to check the leakage and improve the ventilation to prevent moisture.

Replacing tiles per slope

Roof restoration is applied when roof life has reached its end and oftentimes missing more than 10 tiles per slope is a signal that the roof’s lifespan is nearing end. However, if the number of missing tiles per slope is less than 10, there is no need for complete roofing. If in doubt, consult professional option, and if possible have second opinion before undergoing major work on your roof. In most cases, roofers will replace missing tiles with natural slates or clay tiles that reduce the repair cost significantly.

Cleaning the roof

Professional roof cleaning helps old roof restore its original look by 50% and cleaning your roof with professional roof cleaners is cheaper than having roof renovation or restoration.

New roofing helps keep the house beautiful and if you’re selling, it’s an added leverage to a great sale. However, it is important to note the factors that can contribute to the high cost of roof renovation such as scaffolding cost, labor, and materials cost and finishing cost. If you think, you have the budgets and strong desire to enjoy new and beautiful roofing, it is best to consult roof professionals for opinion. And as a rule of thumb, don’t settle with one but always a second opinion helps in reducing risks of expensive and unnecessary complete roof overhauling.

Roof restoration, cleaning and the likes are necessary. Otherwise, you will spend more when taken for granted. Let professionals do it and contact

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