The Kind of Energy Every Home Needs

There have been initiatives to make homes more environmentally friendly, and in so doing, help the homeowners to lessen their home energy cost. The BASIX Certificate is a regulated way for new homeowners and home developers to comply with government regulations about energy requirements for the home.

Depositphotos_50443615_s-2015Ultimately, the goal is to have all homes and buildings to be energy efficient. This does not mean that all houses would have their own power sources, or their own roof top water heaters. Instead, what it aims for is to help the consumers and homeowners to have a better living experience in their own homes.

There are a lot of regulations that a builder has to follow before the construction even starts. The BASIX Certificate is one of these. However, unlike other regulations that aim for compliance of only one item, the BASIX has a point system that determines the building’s rating. The actual rating is arrived at after considering a lot of variables. The homeowner does not need to know how the rating is computed. What is important is that the higher the rating, the more comfortable their family is inside their home.

When it comes to comfort, consumers would consider thermal performance at the top of their list. Homeowners would want to live in a house that is not too cold, nor too warm, and at the same time, would not be too expensive to keep at a certain temperature. The regulations for new housing follow this basic reasoning.

The NaTHERS assist in this, as they are the government body that rates houses along a 10-star system. This is done with the use of agency approved software that takes into account several factors about the house. Among other things, it also includes weather and climatic variables, besides the materials and design of the house. This is particularly important when a dwelling is in an elevated area on top of a hill, for instance, or where it is naturally windy. Although there might not be comparable situations, the use of environmental variables makes the rating system fairer.

The certification system also works for multi-dwelling, like duplexes, townhouses and other types of attached housing. There are other factors that are considered. Rating is done either with a standalone system or with the use of a reference building. All in all, the rating system tries to keep a fair estimation or calculation by also optionally taking into consideration the listed rating of the other like houses in the area.

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